What is Scientifically Based Research?

In the recent passage of the Elementary and secondary course there was a exact meaning written that scientific based research serves as the root of education programs and classroom instruction. This word appeared so many times in the new law, an indication as to the level of importance. It is defined scientifically based research as, this research involves the application of rigorous, systematic and objective procedures. To obtain reliable and exact knowledge relevant to the education activities and activities.


This definition seems reasonable, but then it is showing a more old fashion model of science. We might be asking as if it is the only way to use in informing social laws. In a recent hearing on early learning, people from the scientific community reported regarding the impact of early quality care education programs of the children. There are few studies that have addressed this questions reported, such as positive outcomes and increase education rates. However most studies is cross sectional, giving a very short question that is not easy to answer.

While the advocacy will still push to host the reviewed research,detractors are showing their concerns about spending government money in a place where science cannot give a good answer to these questions: What is the quality in learning before? How does early care education has impact on various populations? Is the cost for providing early care and learning worth the long term benefits? Without answering those questions lawmakers claim that they cannot invest money in more unproven practices.

Many thanks to our business partner Jennifer C. Grant that shared this information to us!