The Influence of a Research-Based Rationale on Science

Today, reforms in science education have changed their attention towards teacher education. Even if the studies conducted to investigate science teacher programs in the United States, few studies have showed the way in which teacher education programs can be used to support beginning science teachers as they developed from their formal teaching operation into the early years of their career. Many of the educators have proposed that although learning to teach takes place along a continuum of professional development exercises and programs.


This kind of study has three purposes, the exploration of science teachers, current teaching beliefs and practices. The determination of how these beliefs and practices have evolved for so long time since their formal preparation. And an investigation of the influence of a research based rationale for teaching science on teachers. The research participants involved in this qualitative research study consisted of twelve individuals divided equally into three that represent key stages of the science.


The result of this study suggest that although the research based rationale experience was perceived as a very strong and influential experienced impact teachers, pedagogical  beliefs and practices. The actual teaching practices are not consistent with the teachers proposed beliefs. Many of the social and cultural factors were reported as having an influence on classroom behaviors. The result yielded from this study call for more research investigations to be conducted on how to be the best professional development experiences during a service teacher education program that will have lasting impact throughout teachers career.

Truthfully thanks to our business partner Nell G. Perry that shared this information to us!