Tips on Writing a Rocking Research Paper

You can tell a research paper is well-written because the sentences are clean-read and the data is impeccable.

Here are some tips brought to you by this infographic below.

The first thing you should worry about is the title. Now, the title is what determines the rest of your paper. Without a good title, your paper would seem blah. The title will tell your reader what your paper is all about. Try as best as you can to make it simple and specific. Describe the contents of your research paper in as little words as possible.


The next thing you should worry about is the abstract. Don’t have a three page abstract. Try to keep it short, but not put your whole paper in the sentences. The aim is to pique the interest of your reader.

Next is the introduction. You should always pick out the things that are relevant to your work, and explain why it is relevant. Show the background of your work, at the same time, focus on the most important issues.

Next up is the results and discussion. Make it as concise and informative as possible. Try to keep in mind the unspoken rule that the unexpected results is often as valuable as focusing on the expected findings. Often the original and unexpected is what surprises the panel.


Next thing you have to worry about is the references. Make sure the reference section is up to date. Think about the timing of your work. Always find time to write. Finally, look up on the internet and try to find skill to promote your work for online published services,  learn more. Then use the technique like SEM Facebook to boost visibility for our writing and gain more references on this valuable piece of research.