Evidence-based parenting

Being a parent is a very big responsibility and you have to teach you child to respect that’s the most important lesson that you have to teach to your children. Teach them the most powerful greeting, because some of the children have never been taught how to greet the adults in a very respectful way or a nice way. You should teach them the proper eye contact to make them sincere when they are greeting or facing an adult. Teach them the appropriate way on how to interact to everybody.

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Because children these days needs to be practice on their social skills in order to do that, you should bring your children to a new places where they can meet and practice meeting new people and to interact with them respectfully. You should also provide respect based rules to your children. Discussing the rules for interacting to the adults both online and in person can make your child understand the importance of interacting respectfully and what kind of manners they should use and what specific actions do you want to see when they are playing with their friends.


Regard the online and social interactions privileges because when your children acts in a right way, they can be trusted to do the right thing by themselves without you looking. You can provide them some rules and privileges for them to know that they have to be respectful to the adults and other kids on the same ages. If your child abuse the social interactions, you must take the step of re teaching your child about how to respect before providing any rules Just like how boss respects their clients.

Super thanks to our business partner Shirley A. Wright that shared this information to us!