How To Design a Better Research Poster

A research poster is how researchers present their work to a community. Designing a clear-cut and concise research poster is imperative in getting the interest of a reader. The research poster must possess certain qualities for it to garner the attention of someone and make his or her reading experience smooth and worthwhile.

You can’t simply dump all of the information of your paper in the poster, you must design it in such a way that the data has a structure and flow.

uThe first thing you should worry about is preparation. You must think of these three questions when you prepare your poster:

(1) Who is your audience?

(2) What is the gist of your paper?

(3) Why is it important?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you may then proceed to make a draft or storyboard for your poster. Use the right information, tables, and images you need.


When deciding the text for your poster, put in mind that it should be legible even at a 3 meter distance. Try to use organizing tools like bullets, numbering, bold text, and headlines.

Use a sans-serif font for your poster. Do not choose times new roman please. You may opt for Arial or Helvetica.

Remember the rule, less is more. Avoid designing the text too much, like 3D text or a graphic text.

The layout of your poster should not be too crammed. Use the negative spaces to create a grid for your work. This is the space for your content to breathe.

Happy designing!