How to Develop a Research Topic

First things first, you must determine why it’s important to develop a good research topic.

Look at it this way, when you’re a student, you will probably write dozens of research topics. You need a good artillery of research topics for all those requirements.

You must pick a topic that really interests you. Something that YOU want to talk about. Imagine writing about something that tires you out. It takes extra time.

Think about a topic that is creative. Think of something that is exciting. There have been so many research topics that are just overused.

Think of something specific. Don’t pick a topic that is too broad. Think about how many pages you are required to write.

The challenge really is to narrow down your topic. The key is to add more context to your work. Put in a geographical context. Set a location for your research paper. Or perhaps you want to put in a historical context. That is, a specific year, decade, or era. And the last is a biological context. As in, a certain species of animal.

An example of a good research topic would be: “Effects of Global Warming on the Mountain Lions in California.”